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I love being involved with media. The making of great radio, TV content ‘floats my boat’. I am utterly convinced that the making of great media requires a lot of work… just because you can talk does not mean you can communicate… anymore than being born in a garage makes you a car.  I’ve got two sections here and you can branch out to each of them below.



Episode 1 – Evan Silva

Episode 1 – Evan Silva

A Very Tall Man (Gary Hoogvliet) talks with Singer, Songwriter and Musician Evan Silva about his life, his music, and worship. Recorded in the Shine TV studios in front of a live studio audience. A Very Tall Man - Episode 1 - Evan Silva from Gary Hoogvliet on...

Funny but true!

  Did the writer really mean that? Yes and no. He meant what he wrote, but not what I read. And right here is the 'Aha moment'. The bottom line is that to communicate with the 'other' person we have to make sure they are on the same page as us. If they don't...

Why do bad things happen to good people?

  If you're good, then good things will happen for you. I blame mums or nuns.   I worked for a boss who explained to me that she thought 'karma' would sort them out. At that time I was hoping for a thunderbolt from heaven or thereabouts. There are the ...

The Murder House!

  Its been  two months of procrastinating. The first dentist said it had to go. The second dentist said it had to go. My friend has a dentist friend, he said, because I was, as the French say, ' of a certain age' that it needed to go. My wife said it had to go,...

My Mission

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Get Involved

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Upcoming Shows

Sept 24 - Free Cat Vaccinations

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Sept 25 - Volunteer Orientation

10am – 12pm Nulla porttitor accumsan tincidunt. Donec sollicitudin molestie malesuad aporttitor tincidunt