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Was chatting with a mate and the subject of the ‘perfect family’ came up. Reminded me of the ‘sorry this is not a personal Xmas card but thought you’d like to catch up on our news’ letters.

You know the one. It was one of those ‘year that’s just been’ letters. The one everybody gets! . Nothing personal about it, except maybe for a hand scribbled ‘we really must catch up soon’ note by the typed signature. Let me give you an example. I loved writing this:)

‘Merry Xmas from the ‘Smith’ family. (Made the whole family up) It has been a wonderful year. After 18 years of staying home to bring up the children I have re entered the work force and was lucky to be headhunted by the CEO of a large law firm who needed a personal PA. Marvin is doing well and the money we spent in getting that MBA from Harvard has paid off with Marv being offered a full professorship there. The twins are now about to enter high school, both are in the top stream and are enjoying their violin lessons with both making the city orchestra. They are the youngest ever to join. Ben is captain of the university rugby team and is still trying to work out whether the offer from the Super 12 team ( can’t tell you which one on the advice of his lawyer) is worth taking up as he really feels that he wants to take up the scholarship offer to go to Massey and become a Vet.

We continue to be active in the local church with Marvin now head of the leadership and I continue to enjoy being in the choir. Doing the CD was such fun and to hear tracks being played on the local radio station is such a blessing. Xmas this year will be at Marvin’s family Bach. It is a lot easer there, the extra five bedrooms means all the extended family can Join us and the predicted weather means we’ll get to spend more time on the yacht.

We have decided to make Xmas dinner a sort of ‘pot luck’ affair and with scallops and oysters in such abundance this year in the bay, together with the beautiful steaks we got off the cattle beast we’ve been fattening I don’t think we’ll do without . On that subject we hope to visit our World Vision children ( we look after 3) in Kenya next year.

I hope you enjoy the attached ‘family photo’. Although the Prime Minister is not ‘family’ it was lovely of him to attend Marvin’s 50th… ( school friendships that last the years are so precious )

I hope your family has a wonderful Xmas and new year and look forward to hearing your news.

Do please let us know if you are ‘passing’ by and we’ll come and and have a coffee with you somewhere close.

The Smiths

P.s Gary, we must catch up soon