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I knew this was serious when I found my wife in my gumboots in the middle of the pond.

Surely this was taking it to far?. But no. The bottom needed to be leaf free. What was I thinking? of course it did. I had to hide the compost barrel because  of the smell. I had to find a place for the 345 bricks I was going to reuse somewhere.  Lines will be straight and  any flower or plant that was not looking his or her best on the day was to be ‘pulled forthwith’.

Oh, it is not only the garden that had to look it’s best. I had to wear a clean shirt, shave and do my hair.( on the weekend!)  The Icebergs  flowered. And just on case you are not female, ‘Icebergs’ are roses. They were ablaze with colour, (if you say white is a colour:) Perfect timing my dear. ( he says as my wife wanders around the garden together with her mother graciously accepting the accolades)

In the interests of full disclosure I need to confess that I did not spray the nectarines as directed thus the leaf curl is my fault.

My wife and her mother cracked it. I was delighted to play a small part. Bit like my wedding day if memory serves me right.