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If you’re good, then good things will happen for you. I blame mums or nuns.


I worked for a boss who explained to me that she thought ‘karma’ would sort them out. At that time I was hoping for a thunderbolt from heaven or thereabouts.

There are theĀ  ‘sayings’ around this as well. ‘What goes round comes round’. Yet that does not seem to happen. There are some seriously bad people with some serious money and way too many amazing people struggling to stay alive. What did the passengers on M370 do wrong?, what about the villagers in the recent landslide in Afghanistan?. What about ChCh. What did they do that meant the earthquakes were visited upon them, and now all that flooding ?

And why why why do people die before their ‘time’. The death of a young child seems especially tough. The death of a mother of five pre schoolers is upsetting. What about the accidents on the sports grounds, the car crash that did not involve alcohol. ( does my sub conscious suggest if alcohol is involved then if serves them right?)

I have held my stillborn child in my arms and can still see my tears landing on her still body. Why did that have to happen?. That happened nearly 30 years ago now and it still lurks near the surface.

Bob Hoskins is the founder of One Hope, and I asked him that question some years ago. He has been on my mind of late. He just lost his son to cancer and just a while ago his wife. My head hears his response and I want my heart to believe it.

On this subject I am not doing well. I suspect I have the question wrong.