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It is said of New Zealanders that  they ‘ box above their weight’. And as a kiwi I like that !


What that means for a country at the bottom of the world with fewer than five million people is that they do better than the rest of the world would expect.  Take the All Blacks, and Sir Ed. As rugby players we shouldn’t beat the English, or the Aussies for that matter. And as for  Sir Ed, ‘knocking the bastard off’ before climbers from ‘bigger’ countries, well…that was just great. Then of course there was Peter Snell, Ernest Rutherford and apparently we’re also pretty good at rowing and sailing.

NZ also has three Christian formatted  radio stations that cover nearly every corner of this fair land. What’s even cooler is these stations are ( in the main) listener supported.  If there are sheep in heaven then the woolly merinos from the Otago back country will be there. Because of Rhema they’ll have heard the ‘good news’. Over 50 years ago Dick Berry had a dream. Think he’d be surprised what Hal, Dudley, John, Peter and Dave ( to name a few and miss a few) have done with his dream to bring Christian radio to this country.

This week two of those stations, Rhema and Star are sharing your stories and delightedly listening to the many callers calling in this week to share how the stations fit into their lives.

If you have a moment tune in and have a wee listen. and . Two little ‘big’ radio stations boxing ‘well above their weight’ because of their listeners. I like that.